What the Price for Skip Bin Service Typically Covers

3 August 2017
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When it comes to removal of waste from homes and businesses, skip bin service is the most preferred solution because it is convenient, safe and cost efficient. However, many residential and commercial users of skip bins usually pay the price of skip bin service without having a proper understanding of what the price includes. Some even complain about paying too much for simply "renting a bin."

For the sake of awareness raising, here is a breakdown of what the price of skip bin service typically covers:

The cost of bin hire

Skip bins come in so many different types and sizes, so that renters can always find something that matches their exact waste removal needs. The price quote for skip bin service usually includes the cost of using a bin. Generally speaking, bigger bins cost more to rent. The hire period also affects the cost of the service — the longer the duration of hire, the higher the price charged.

The cost of delivery

Skip bin companies also charge for delivering a bin to the customer's place. The cost of deliver is usually based upon the distance between the company's office and the customer's location. Therefore, price-savvy customers should consider renting from a skip bin company that is located close to their place.

The cost of pickup

Once customers are done using their bins, they will need their skip bin provider to return and haul away the filled bins. Unlike the cost of delivery, the cost of removal or pickup will be based upon the distance between the company's office and the customer's location, but also the distance between the pickup location and the disposal site. Customers can save money by choosing a company that is centrally located relative to the location of their property and the dumpsite.

Tipping fee

This is the per truckload cost of waste taken to the landfill or dumpsite for disposal. It is usually imposed to facilitate the proper management and disposal of the waste by the management of the facility. Tipping fee is also charged in order to discourage people from depositing too much solid waste at the landfill. Without this fee, people would send most of their solid waste to the landfill without first exploiting the potential for recycling and reuse. 

As you can clearly see, skip bin rental companies incur several costs in the course of delivering service to both homeowners and businesses. Therefore, be sure to find out what your quotation covers before deciding whether or not the price is too high.