Why You Need Plenty of Time to Prepare If You Need a Skip Bin

17 November 2018
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Are you the type of person who is good with planning? You may think that you are and have put a lot of effort into preparing for a major renovation project ahead, one that will involve a number of different contractors, designers and suppliers due to its complexity. Everything is laid out and ready for them to roll up their sleeves and you may be ready to step out of the way, as a lot of material needs to be removed. But you may have forgotten something important, and if you're not careful, this may delay the start of work. Have you made adequate preparations for a skip bin to deal with all the rubbish?

Not a Small Item

People often forget about cleaning up after a job, but in this case, it is going to be a crucial part of the equation. The skip bin itself is not a small item and cannot simply be left somewhere without the proper preparation and permission. In an ideal world you should place it directly on your property, but will the delivery vehicle be able to manoeuvre without any issues, or will you need to take steps to facilitate this?

Preparation Is Everything

For example, what if there are some overhanging branches that could get in the way? The driver will need quite a lot of room to swing the unit off the vehicle and into your garden. What if it's been raining recently and the ground underfoot is quite soft? You may have to bring in some "two by fours" to construct a cross frame to place underneath the skip. If you don't, a fully laden skip bin could sink into the ground beneath it and cause considerable damage at the same time.

Keeping It in

It's much better to keep the skip on your property than outside if you can, as otherwise other people can gain access to it and use it for their own removal purposes. You'd be surprised how these people come out of the woodwork whenever they see that you have hired one of these skip bins and they may throw all kinds of random stuff in there. You always want to be in control of the situation, especially if they decide to get rid of waste paint or engine oil in an unsealed container.

Permitting and Responsibility

In many cases, you will also need a permit if you are going to place a skip bin on the road outside your house. This is especially true if it will block part of a roadway or a footpath and you may be responsible for safety, as well as practicality. In other words, you might have to light the skip bin at night or put special reflective tape around it, so that it can be clearly seen by others.

Get on It

If that construction date is looming, act as soon as possible. When you work with competent contractors, they can often help you to make some of these arrangements quickly, so you don't endure any delays.