4 Simple Tips to Make Your Skip Bin Look Good

28 December 2018
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Skips are important tools for waste disposal. Whether you're hiring or purchasing one for your property, you may want to make sure that it actually looks good. The skip should blend in well into your outdoor space so it doesn't appear rugged or unsightly.

An aesthetically appealing skip bin will also keep you excited about proper waste disposal and recycling efforts. Here are 4 simple ways you can beautify your skip bin.

1. Make sure it's of the right size

You should start off by making sure the skip bin is of the right size. An oversized skip may take up too much outdoor space and make your property feel like a factory or warehouse. You may also have a harder time maintaining an oversized skip bin, and thus it will end up looking unsightly.

Similarly, an undersized skip bin can be a challenge to deal with. If you have a lot of waste, you may find yourself frequently overflowing the skip bin before it can be emptied. Make sure you hire or purchase a skip that is of just the right size. You may have to determine how much waste you produce between the days when the skip is emptied.

2. Colour matters

Colour is a convenient way of making your skip bin look good. Consider how your property looks from the outside and select a skip with matching colours. If you have a neutral outdoor space (with grey, white or brown walls), a boldly coloured skip bin may be a good option to consider.

Try hiring or purchasing a green, yellow or blue skip bin to create an interesting contrast with your outdoor space. If you wish for a more simple colour option, you can't go wrong with dark green, off-white or grey skip bins.

3. Have a matching cover

To complete the look of your skip, make sure it has a cover. A matching cover gives the skip a sleek appearance from the outside. The cover also prevents your skip from overflowing with waste or having the waste become damp when it rains.

4. Make sure it's clean

This goes without saying, but a clean skip bin always looks much better on your property. If hiring, make sure your hiring company delivers a clean skip after hauling it away to empty the waste. If you own the skip, you should consider spraying it down on a regular basis (especially on the outside walls).

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