4 Important Things to Consider When Hiring a Skip Bin for Heavy Items

2 December 2019
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Hiring a skip bin takes away much of the stress that comes with back-and-forth trips to the local tip. With a skip bin in easy reach of your home, disposing of junk and rubbish is a cinch. However, if your waste includes a number of heavy items, you need to ensure that you prepare adequately beforehand.

Before you hire a skip bin for your heavy-item disposal, consider the following points.

1. Skip Bin Location

If you are going to dispose of several heavy items that you cannot break into smaller pieces, skip bin location is important. First, you need to work out just how big a skip bin you will need. Only then can you accurately gauge where you may be able to place your skip bin. For heavy items, obviously, you need to place your skip bin as close to the items as possible.

Therefore, be ready to adjust the layout of the area, such as by temporarily removing gates and fences to allow your provider to place a skip bin on your driveway.

2. Skip Bin Type

For heavy objects that will put strain on your back and leave you at risk of injury, you should consider hiring a mini skip or a skip that has a door at one end. Lifting heavy objects over the lip of a large skip bin puts you at risk of injuring yourself. However, by hiring two smaller mini skips or one large skip with a door at one end, you can dispose of heavy objects safely.

3. Skip Bin Centre of Gravity

Before you place heavy items into the skip bin, consider how their placement will affect the bin's centre of gravity. Start by placing heavy items on the bottom of the skip bin, and then ensure that each side of the bin has an equal amount of weight. This will stop the skip bin from tipping as your provider loads and carries it away.

Moreover, avoid placing single heavy objects on top of the load, as this could lead to accidents during transit of the load.

4. Skip Bin Weight

Finally, before you order your skip bin, make sure you assess the likely weight of the load accurately, especially if you have several heavy objects. If you exceed your skip bin's weight allowance, your skip bin provider won't be able to remove the skip bin. Moreover, you will have to remove some of the items until the load weight reaches acceptable levels. This will waste considerable time.

If you are about to hire a skip bin for heavy item disposal, keep the above points in mind before you hire your skip bin.