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5 Considerations For Skip Bin Hire

Hiring a skip bin is essential when clearing out large amounts of garden waste or renovating a large part of your home. Here are 5 simple considerations to make before selecting which company you will use, to give you peace of mind and ensure that all of your waste is being removed safely and legally. 1. Reputation And Service Ask friends and family to see if they have had any experience hiring from any local companies, such as Kingston Skips. They will give you honest feedback regarding the efficiency of waste removal and the conduct of the company itself. Some companies will also provide additional services to support their customers. Ask whether the price includes delivery and collection as well as safe disposal of the waste. Skips are usually hired out for 7-10 days at a time. Ask about this and try to negotiate if you need it for longer; most companies will be flexible and accommodate this.  2. Waste Of Different Kinds Different types of waste will require different methods of removal. Always state whether you will be removing garden waste, concrete and brick or hazardous materials. This will impact how the skip is removed and how the waste needs to be disposed to ensure it is legal.  3. How Big? Skips range in size and so it’s always a good idea to ask for some advice regarding what you should use. Talk to an employee and see what they think and ask if you can physically see the bin. It’s always better to get something that’s a bit bigger so you can reduce the number of times the skip... read more

Moving Out Of Your Home? Seek A Rubbish Removal Service Beforehand

Moving out of your home is an exciting transition. You have a new house waiting for you, you have packing to do, and there are so many loose ends to tie up before then. However, as you do all that, do not forget to schedule a rubbish removal service like Backyard Bins, preferably a day before you leave or on the moving day. As you shall find out below, moving out requires a lot of cleaning up as well and a rubbish removalist is the right person for the job. There are some things you just don’t need to carry Change and new beginnings go hand in hand with moving out. As you pack around your house, you will soon realize that you have a ton of stuff that you do not need to take with you to the new house. This could range from clothes you haven’t worn in years to your old TV set that got damaged, or the mattress you have been keeping in the garage since winter. Added all up, it could all amount to a lot of rubbish that needs disposal, hence the removal service. Removal trash is beyond what your local garbage man can handle Normally, your garbage man can handle your weekly trash. However, removal rubbish is a tad too much for them. For one, the amount of trash you’ll need to throw out is likely beyond what they can handle. It cannot fit inside your trash bags or trash bin at all. Two, your local garbage service only handles normal household trash like cardboard, organic matter, food waste, etc. When it comes... read more

Advice on How to Stay Safe When Using a Skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is extremely useful if you are embarking on any number of tasks. Whether you are moving home, doing spring cleaning, or simply getting rid of junk, a skip bin hire is a great way to get rid of any excess junk that has built up over the years. You don’t want to be transporting all of your clutter to your new home, and you will not be able to easily dispose of the junk without getting a skip bin for hire. Otherwise, you would have to rent a trailer in order to transfer all the garbage to a specific location and then unload it all. When you rent a skip bin, the company will deliver it and take it away from you when you’re done with it. Some companies will even sift through the contents of the bin, recycling appropriate materials for you. However, when dealing with a skip bin, you need to stay safe at all times, as there is some scope for injury if you are not careful. Here is some advice that will help you to stay safe. Hire a model that has a door Some skip bins will have a door on the side which has hinges and can be easily lifted open. This means that you can easily and safely load heavy materials and objects such as appliances and furniture. All you have to do is wheel the items up to the bin using a dolly, then simply push it up the ramp and through the door of the skip bin. This eliminates the need for any heavy lifting that... read more

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